Exquisite by Ella Frank (Read December 2012)


This was a really good and fairly quick read. I felt like the characters were really well developed. I was able to connect with their journey and sympathize with their grief. I love a love story that is steamy and hot but also has characters that not only want each other but need each other. Not a co-dependent kind of need, but more in line with the idea that you cannot learn everything in life or make every mistake in life. That idea that someone else’s experiences and their wisdom due to those experiences can be just what you need to get through your experience. I really liked how the tables turned and the one who did the saving had to be rescued by the one they saved. I can’t wait to read the next book!!!


Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Quote that struck me: “Tread lightly and fall gracefully.”


What I listened to while reading:





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