Review: Thankful

Thankful by Amy Cox
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

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I totally skimmed through the last 50% of the book, and I never skim through that much of a book. Maybe a few pages here and there but it says a lot if I skim an entire half. I just couldn’t read anymore. I wasn’t expecting much based off of the first one to be honest, but I was really surprised by how annoying, redundant, and unimaginative this story was. If I had to read an entire paraphrasing of everything that just happened or that happened in the previous book one more time I was going to hurl… I also thought that the “villain” of this book was absolutely 125% ridiculous!!! If you’re going to pull a fatal attraction the crazy train needs to be believable. 1 – don’t try to feed a mental health therapist a half assed disturbed and delusional character, um NO! 2 – don’t try to feed readers an inconsistent character or three 3 – just because you can doesn’t mean you should 4 – the fuck is a “tatter” or “tatters”???? The word tits would have been better than that shit 5 – JUST… UGH!

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