Review: Lovely Trigger

Lovely Trigger
Lovely Trigger by R.K. Lilley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m deliriously happy that she made this into a trilogy… The journey that these two went through was just everything!!! I am pretty sure I love these two crazy bastards more than James and Bianca!


I laughed…

I cried…

I screamed…

I “awwww’d”…

I came…

I hoped & wished…

I loved…

& I had my world rocked…

I just cannot say enough good things about this one. I’m not going to talk about it at all as any and everything could potentially be a spoiler. All I can say is if you walked away with the worst book hangover in life on the last one and crying and not sure if you could go on… this book makes it so freaking worth the journey!!!

R.K. Lilley…





OMG, OMG, It’s coming!!!!! It’s COMING!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to start it!!!

That COVER!!! That TITLE!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!



I guess some people aren’t excited that this is now a three book series…

Don’t get me wrong it’s one thing when you have a series where the characters can barely carry one book let alone two, but Tristan and Danika obviously have a long history. They are also fantastic characters and just like my happiness over getting another Up In The Air book I also greet the announcement of this book as such…

My Body Is Ready 2 photo MyBodyIsReady10.gif

 photo sexytime3.gif

 photo YAY2.gif

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