Review: Always

Always by Kindle Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I’m trying to form the words to describe how wonderful this book is. This story was absolutely beautiful. I don’t care if you’re into M/M or not, there is no way to deny how beautiful Kane & Avery’s journey was. I absolutely loved that it spanned over many years. I loved that while others around them may have been hateful or tried to discourage their love that they remained constant and committed to each other. There story felt so alive and real and it really, really, touched me very deeply.

I laughed and cried with them and felt myself smile so hard at other times that my face hurt. I absolutely loved that this was also amazingly steamy hot and passionate and that neither the heat or the love were sacrificed in this one. It was a complete story with love and sex both in a way that we all truly hope and wish for; unconditional, unapologetic, consistent, and absolutely satisfying. I am just blown away! I doubt my heart could feel any fuller than it does right now.

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