Review: Breaking Shaun

Breaking Shaun
Breaking Shaun by E.M. Abel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars

I liked Freeing Asia a lot. It wasn’t the best book that I’ve read but I felt like it hit on some really great points about finding yourself and believing in yourself. It was good stuff…

But this… this was soooooo good! It had just the right amount of angst and drama without going overboard. The characters were not whiny and there wasn’t a great deal of meaningless inner monologue. The story was realistic but also original. Although we all know of someone or may be someone who has had a situation similar to what Shaun and Natalie go through I have not read a book before that took it on the way this one did. It was nice of course to catch up with Marcus and Asia and even that sexiness known as Jay had a few appearances… I think I am most excited for his book to be honest! I want to get inside that pretty head of his!!! ;D I enjoyed that Natalie was a strong female, without losing her femininity or seeming like she was trying too hard to be tough. She bent, she cried, she definitely showed emotion but she did not break. Excellent!

I always try to write a spoiler free review and this one will be no different so if you’re looking for hints and clues you won’t find them here. Ah, I wish I could say more. Oh yeah, I got so caught up in the story and what I liked about the characters I forgot to mention the fact that it is SCORCHING hot. It is a slow burn and by the time they get down to it you are more than ready for it. I’ll say one thing in regards to the lovin’: Mirror Sex!!! When this one comes out READ IT!!!!!

~Shaun & Natalie~

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