Review: Worth

Worth by Shay Savage
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

5/9/14 – Shay Savage – Worth – 2.5 stars

Quote Love: “In this bed, I am always Lucius to you.”

What I liked: It had some hot scenes in it for sure.

What could have been better: You can’t use words like subligarium and then have the main character refer to his wiener as a “cock”. I mean manhood, phallus, those would have been perfectly acceptable old timey words! It made things disjointed to have him use a term like “cock-out”… I need consistency. You either go all the way back in Roman times, or set it there and have the language be all modern… but the in between I couldn’t get with. It made the cocky things that the main character said at times just seem so out of place.

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