Review: Losing Me, Finding You

Losing Me, Finding You
Losing Me, Finding You by C.M. Stunich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars. Okay, so I got to meet C.M. Stunich in Peabody, MA back in April and I got her autograph and chatted with her for a half second because I was dying to start reading some of her books and just didn’t seem to be able to find the time. Well… I found the time, and when I did I BINGED! I read one of these a day for the most part. LOL! I saw a lot of mixed reviews about this one. And even though I pride myself on writing honest reviews and try to put together something that is helpful and productive for other readers… I personally rarely read reviews before I read a book or choose to read a book based on a review. What I’m getting at is that I didn’t let the up and down ratings I was seeing influence me at all. Sometimes you really do just have to read something for yourself.

Now this book had some things that got on my nerves all of the quotage (yeah, I know that’s not a word just go with it), the virgin, and a few other things. It definitely was not like some of the other MC books that I read. I actually kind of liked that it wasn’t super dark and gritty and had some levity to it. When I look at the story in its entirety was it entertaining? YES! Was it hot as balls? YES! Was I routing for the little guys and wondering how they were going to manage or what the hell was really going on? YES! I even started to really like Amy. She wasn’t cliche like the beginning of the book may have implied she would be. She kept her head on when she needed too and she was just kind of open and honest and ready for whatever. Did I mention that this was smoking hot??? It was! Yeah, so that’s my two cents! 😀

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