Review: TAUT: The Ford Book

TAUT: The Ford Book
TAUT: The Ford Book by J.A. Huss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

NOW THIS… is what I’m talking about!

 photo AshleighandFord.jpg

Ford is the epitome of Knight in Shining Armor in this one. He and Ashleigh meet through some interesting circumstances, and are thrust together. Then there are a bunch of twists and turns and by the end our boy Ford has grown exponentially!!!! I loved every minute of it!!! JUST WOW!!!! Ashleigh’s story was extremely sad, I really felt for her. I was able to figure out the BIG twist but it still sucked balls when the story got to it. I know this will be one that I will re-read many, many times!

 photo AshleighandFord2.jpg

 photo 2462d8b3-06f5-46d8-8e3e-64e8f33184d2.jpg

Quotage: “So you might as well get your dirty talk over with so you can concentrate on behaving tonight when I have your ankles tied to your thighs and your pussy open for inspection. Because I’m going to have a lot of rules, Ashleigh. And a lot of commands you’ll have to follow. I’m going to touch you in places that will make you scream. I’m going to let you please me in ways you’ve only dreamed of, and then I’m going to fuck you sore.” “I think I just came, I swear to God, I’m not even joking.”

“I hope to God that baby-fucking sitter didn’t steal your kid and you went apeshit and killed her and now you need to escape the country under the assumed name of BJ Cobbledick.” He pauses: “Or something.”


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