Review: Kick

Kick by C.D. Reiss
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

5/31/14 – CD Reiss – Kick – 3 stars

Quote Love: “Your life is out of control. You’ve wrecked more cars than I’ve bought. You’ve used your body shamelessly. I can only imagine what your blood is actually made of. And you’ve never faced a single consequence. You have a classic case of affluenza.”

What I liked: I loved the writing as usual with CD Reiss. The woman is a fucking modern day Shakespeare. The way that she puts words together just makes you sit up and pay attention and sigh at all the pretty. I thought the story was interesting and complex.

What could have been better: My lower rating than what I would usually give a CD Reiss read is two-fold. I have a very difficult time connecting with affluent characters in “difficult” positions. I can empathize and try to relate with most anyone but there is something about those, who have unlimited means at their finger tips and then instead of trying to genuinely get help – choose to use those resources to skirt the truth and avoid the problem at all costs. The second part is due to my job description as a therapist. I had no problem with any of the clinical interventions or descriptions of those in treatment or even the facility. I personally work with the least valued and under-funded/supported population and that’s adults with severe mental illness. It just makes connecting to stories like this even harder for me. So that’s why only the three stars… it’s one of those situations where it’s totally me and not you!!!

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