Hello, and welcome! As you may have guessed by now I am Kris and I decided to take the plunge and make my own space to share my two cents on the books that I read on a regular basis. Most often I do lean towards the Romance genre and various niches within that genre, including: new adult, contemporary, paranormal, and some erotica if I am feeling bold.

So now that you know what you will find here; a little about me. I am a full-time Mental Health Therapist working for a Community Services Board. It is very hard work coupled with earning my second Master degree and I have found that reading is a great way to relax and escape from reality for a while. It really is the perfect coping mechanism to let go of the stress, harrowing stories, crises, and general strain that the job can bring on. I have been told I have an excellent sense of humor and I have a tendency to make up words when the ones I know don’t fully fit the situation.

Due to my current work and school schedule I do not organize blog tours or giveaways but will be happy to read, review, and promote your book if you would like. Please feel free to comment/message me here or at goodreads and I will answer your response as soon as possible.


I hope to produce a quality blog with honest and fair reviews! 🙂






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