Review: Onyx

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one gets a 3.5 from me. I was so annoyed with Katy for so much of this book that I wanted to pull my hair out. She was just crazy dumb in her decision making process with most things. The only redeeming part to that was the fact that she got called out on her shit. She also was able to recognize her stupidity. Daemon was PERFECTION once again. Gosh, LOVE HIM! I am going to try to hold off on the third one until we get a little further into August since these cliffhangers really are the business. You all who said so were not lying. But knowing me I will probably end up reading it. I’m just happy that I finally started this series. Until the next one…

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Review: Obsidian

Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been wanting to start this series to see what all the ranting & raving was about for quite some time. Somehow, it just kept getting pushed back. When I read Wait For You and realized that I really like Armentrouts writing style I told myself I definitely had to read this. Yet, and still months later and I’m just now getting to this. And again this is another book I could kick myself for waiting to read.

The entire time I was reading this – this really awesome warm and nostalgic feeling washed over me. It reminded me of back in the day when I used to love watching Roswell. I was so sad when that show ended so abruptly… But back to the matter at hand. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to continue on!!! So here it is the quick and dirty…

Daemon Black…

 photo insideme.gif

He’s such a fucking asshole!!! He’s so hot, he’s cocky… but as JT once crooned is it really cocky if you know that it’s true??? He smells good, he is smart, and deep down he cares about his family and his sister. He also has a sense of duty and is responsible. Did I mention he’s a huge JERK?!? So basically…

 photo havehisbabies.gif


Feisty photo feisty.gif

Feisty One photo feisty2.gif

This girl is a badass! I liked that she wasn’t cowering and whimpering most of the time. Even though I’m thoroughly irritated that she hasn’t just raped Daemon at this point I am also oddly proud of her. She is the only kind of girl that could really handle him. She gives it to him straight (unless it’s regarding her true feelings) and she doesn’t allow him to bulldoze her…ever! She also has some of the classic features of heroines in books like these. You know making bad decisions out of spite, needing to be rescued one too many times, taking too long to put two and two together, and etc. But those things are expected. I was just glad that she did not annoy the crap out of me.

I also love their banter, the chemistry, the way that they get each other. I love the paranormal activity going on. I loved Dee as well!!! In conclusion what I’m saying is…

I Love It photo LoveIt-1.gif

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Review: Lover Revealed

Lover Revealed
Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lover Revealed is a solid 4.5 stars for me. I rounded up for rating purposes. This was Butch’s story primarily. I really enjoyed getting to know his back story more clearly. He really grew and changed in this one and it was wonderful to see him want more out of life. I also enjoyed his relationship with Vishous, as complex as it was. I am really excited to get to his story and learn more about him. Marissa was amazing. It was great to see her learn who she was and wanted to be and step out of her shell. Of course this one did not disappoint with the steam just like the others. Butch & Marissa were smoking!!! I cannot wait to continue with the series!


 photo 9b88c945-69b0-4f05-8193-74979c4b04ec.jpg

 photo 7eab8a13-3c5c-4be9-a95f-847f2ccd3e0b.jpg

 photo 9bdc4fee-5718-4d17-a59b-ab71f11f6b36.jpg

 photo 59f4b5f0-2bbf-446f-885a-a88bb7bb08b8.jpg

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Review: Axel

Axel by Harper Sloan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have finally gotten a chance to read Axel! It seems like since it came out I have been attempting to read it. It had a few annoyances that kept me from being able to give a full 5 stars but for a debut novel I thought it was the business!

One of my biggest pet peeves, unfortunately, was in this book. That is when a conversation can be had that would either remedy the situation or would set in motion the events that would eventually remedy it. Communication is not an easy thing in real life. So I really do get that it would be difficult. I just felt that it went on a little too long for these characters.

Besides that I thought the rest of it was golden! It was definitely a heart warming and HOT read. When it comes down to it, Axel was a story about the endurance of love and the human spirit. Both of which are all kinds of awesome in my book. At times I was tearing up a little bit and other times I was smiling so hard I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to wipe it off. Axel most definitely had me drooling. I cannot wait to read more of this series! In a nutshell it was…

 photo lovely.gif

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Review: Break Her

Break Her
Break Her by B.G. Harlen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book. I don’t think it was at all what I was expecting. From what I heard others say about it I guess I was expecting to be really creeped out and upset about a lot of it. I really enjoyed this authors writing style. It was smart and they tied in so many references to pop culture. I really enjoyed the “Her” character as well. She was really smart and rational and definitely a survivor. There wasn’t really a shock and awe factor for me though because even he said he felt that the people who hired him made a mistake in choosing her to be broken. Through out she said what her plan was and even when things were getting pretty awful there the fact that she was still capable of thinking about whether she was going to make it through or not was a sign that she still wasn’t broken.

What bothered me the most was all of the rape. Not the act of rape itself. I was expecting that. But that he could go for hours and then turn back around and go again. I understand that people get off on pain but I just find it difficult to believe that his junk would not have been just as ripped and ragged as hers, despite him using toys as well.

What I liked most was the dialogue between the two. I would imagine it would take two very intelligent people to play this kind of game for that long. I also liked his opening move not in a OMG that was awesome kind of way but as far as creepy torturer rapist killers go that is a seriously effective opener. Makes me thankful that I’m a light sleeper and keep a bat next to my bed! If you’re in the mood for some fucked up shit this is your book!

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Review: Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened
Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 photo wonderfulstory.jpg

YEP! I surely did! I really liked the first two BDB books but this one was a thousand times MORE in my eyes.

 photo 2b3b31b9-5c07-438c-a063-d839527563a1.jpg

I am absolutely one hundred percent in love with Zsadist. I want to marry him, and have his babies. The transition of this man from an abused and broken vampire lashing out at the world and never letting his guard down… to the loving, gentle, I want to be better, but still completely badass vampire was AH-MAZING! The other story lines going on including with Tohr & Wellsie, John, Mr. O., and even that mystery of a man Rhevenge was freaking awesome! I wanted to cry for them, I laughed a lot and if I didn’t have a book schedule to keep up with I would have absolutely no shame in turning right back around and reading this bad boy again. So good… read it!

My Zsadist (minus the badass scar but I can picture it!)

 photo 5624d084-61cd-40c4-8880-ce69e67aa5eb.jpg

 photo 94b468aa-23f6-4da4-8055-de0c5a28824c.jpg

 photo fe824233-8169-40c4-b0cd-1e5bdf8df15a.jpg

 photo 64a10a75-c4ab-4169-ac9a-d3a0003954ca.jpg

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Review: Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling
Fear of Falling by S.L. Jennings
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 photo Lifetitle-1.jpg

Fear of Falling is essentially a love story, it is also a life story. It’s a dichotomy of how people can be so resilient and adaptive that they can move forward after the worst atrocities but also be so fearful of the path that life has taken them down that they cannot believe that a HEA is in the cards for them…


 photo d96806be-688a-44f1-b6ba-cba7fefe6049.jpg

Kami has lived a life of fear, of pain, abuse, and it has left her with the belief that she is unlovable. Unable to give or receive love…

 photo lovetheunlovable.jpg

 photo 8e81b62f-c672-4f1e-b5be-a6c14a1276ca.jpg

But when she meets Blaine something shifts. She starts to want things that she never has before. But is she strong enough, is she good enough for love…

 photo e6b9bda3-b98d-45c4-bd0a-02f6ae06857f.jpg

 photo Blaine3.gif

Blaine has his own past filled with pain… but he is drawn to Kami. He wants nothing but the best for this woman who has walked into his life and blindsided him. He doesn’t know how to help her especially when she keeps shutting him out…

 photo 1d2ed07b-d729-4c90-bb0c-0f30f39c45c9.jpg

But even when he tries to let her go, he just can’t walk away. He wants to be strong enough to save her, he wants to be good enough for her to trust him, but will his own past stand in the way…

 photo 7d293d3c-fb04-4307-b988-be120a29248e.jpg

Love is always complicated, never easy, and always worth the fight. Will love and the promise of what it can bring into their lives be enough for Blaine and Kami?

 photo the-only-exception-by-xbarelyxbreat.png

 photo YourGuardianAngel_RJA.jpg
 photo trust.jpg

 photo hope.gif

Fear of Falling is a beautiful story about love, trust, fear, and the hope for more than just surviving life.
 photo firefliesinjar.jpg

***ARC provided by author in exchange for me to: “promise to keep the funny ass GIFs coming! ;)”***

Warning: While the events in this book may be fictitious the themes of abuse, mental illness, and the lasting effects of trauma are very well written.

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Review: Creed

Creed by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Creed was fantastic! While I love Knight, I was blown away by Creed. This book had a lot of my favorite elements in it. First off, there was less of the caveman speak so I didn’t have to go back and re-read things which was very distracting through a good part of Knight. There was also less of the over description that was in Knight. So just on writing elements alone I enjoyed this one more. I also enjoyed the kick ass bad bitch that was Sylvie. Creed was the personification of true and deep love. It was humorous. It also was sad and made me want to cry for them and the horrific past that they encountered. It was also such a waste to think of all that time that they lost when they could have had one another. It was absolutely on fire hot & steamy & I loved the way Creed gave Sylvie time and really built back her ability to trust and to give herself completely. This was another book that had awesome supporting characters and we even got to see a little bit of Knight. The Epilogue was more than fantastic. Lastly, these two give hope to those of us who may not be old but we’re not getting any younger either and have yet to find our “one”. It gives the hope that nothing is set in stone and no time frame other than what is – is how it will be. LOVED IT!

“I know I have a vagina but that doesn’t negate the fact that I have a brain and a spine so I can make my own decisions about my life and deal with the consequences. I’m also not real big on dudes talking about my shit behind my back.”

 photo Sylvie.jpg

“Don’t test me. I might be small but I’m strong and I’m pissed.”

 photo Sylvie2.jpg

“You’ll take care of me?”

 photo Sylvie3.jpg

“He held you down, Sylvie, I’m gonna hold you down. I’m gonna show you it’s good. You can trust it. you can enjoy it. I’m gonna give you that back… He tied you down. I’m gonna tie you to the bed, baby, and you’re gonna love it…When I’m done, you will fear nothing. Never again. I’m gonna give that back to you.”

 photo creed4.jpg

“You’re always safe with me.”

 photo Creed3.jpg

“You want me to fuck you, you wanna ride me, you want it on your knees. Against the wall. On the floor. Bent over the back of your couch… Baby call it.”

 photo creed2.jpg

“You won’t stay away and you won’t let me go because, baby, you can’t breathe without me.”

 photo Creed.jpg

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