She Likes It Irish

She Likes It Irish by Sophia Ryan   (read on 05/05/13)

I think I got this book when it was free or 99 cents. Anyhow, it was one of those ones I picked up at a good price and said well if it’s awful at least I didn’t lose much… Unlike some experiences I have had, I am really glad I got it. This was an unexpected solidly written and wonderful book. It had a HOT guy with an accent, a brain, who can sing & play guitar, rides a motorcycle, and has a ginormous… heart. 😀 It was weird reading a book about a “Kristin” LOL! But it also added to the reading experience for me, especially at the steamier scenes.

I felt the addition of Zoe and the conflict that she brought was that really good drama where it irritates you, makes you really feel it in your stomach, but is still believable. It did get a little soap opera dramatic for awhile but who doesn’t love that. I loved how these two really thought through their decisions, were victims to their own pride and fear, and actually grew together as the book went on.

I couldn’t give it five stars because some of the lines were just too freaking cheesy and some of the situations were a bit hilarious as opposed to sad like they were supposed to be. I also found some of Kristin’s naivete in regards to one relationship not to fit her character due to the fact she could identify and name all of that persons flaws and less attractive characteristics she appeared to be too aware to be that naive. Anyway, I liked it a lot!

Awesome Quotage:

“‘Look at me, love,’ he whispered, and she opened her eyes. ‘Are you ready for me now?’ His voice was low and deep and dangerous, and she suddenly felt as if she’d opened the tiger’s cage.”

“Pure joy surged inside her like an erupting volcano and she dipped her head into his chest and giggled to release some of it before she exploded.”

Overall Rating: 4 stars really like 4.25 stars!!! 


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The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski    (read on 05/09/13)

I need more stars… like a million more!!!!! I have loved J.A. Redmerski since I picked up The Mayfair Moon. That being paranormal and this obviously not being I knew the writing would be excellent but I had no idea what to expect in regards to the story. All I can say is I am most definitely NOT disappointed. I’m mad I kept this on my TBR list for so long before diving into it.

How do I describe this story???? It was nothing short of EPIC!!! No I am not pulling your leg or exaggerating. It really was a full and complete story that had everything in it. It wasn’t predictable. I was hoping for HEA and she pulled no punches with not even hinting at whether there would be one. It made me really nervous and anxious but in a good way. If I didn’t have a reading goal I’m trying to keep up with I would surely start reading this one over again it was stuffed full of little moments some absolutely HILARIOUS others that did make me shed more than a few tears. It was so heartfelt and I’m always a sucker for a story with a focus on music and we got plenty of that in this one. Not only was Andrew hotter than a whore in church on Sunday but he was deep and thoughtful and different and strange in his own way. Truly an individual as was Camryn which makes them an awesome duo.

Okay, rant is complete… I LOVED IT!!!!! Okay, I’m really done.

Awesome Quotes:

“It’s not only about sadness. In truth, sadness really has little to do with it. Depression is pain in its purest form and I would do anything to be able to feel an emotion again…”

“How did the ball even get back in his court? I never saw him coming.”

“I’ve got the blanket in one hand as I run behind her, letting her stay a few steps ahead of me so if she happens to fall I’ll be there to laugh at her first and then help her up afterwards.”

“I died and went to heaven. Yeah… I think I’ve finally died.”

Overall Rating: 5+ stars 


What I listened to while reading: Obviously this book had some A-MAZING music choices so I listened to a lot of them… and a few others  

Sweet Peril

Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy #2) by Wendy Higgins   (read on 05/07/13)

Okay, I LOVED IT!!! I am totally dying to read the next one. I just hope it’s not another year before it comes out…gag! The writing was excellent as always. I love how a book that is in fact written for the YA crowd can be as steamy as it was without being crazy with it. I mean I can read other types of book for an overdose of hotness. I felt the way that they had to contain themselves to be seductive in a totally awesome way. I am loving how the story is unraveling and glad that Kaidan and Anna were able to come to some sort agreement. I just wonder what this all means for the fate of the Neph’s… Good stuff!!!

Totally 4.5 Stars only because I felt like more could have been resolved.

Awesome Quotes: 

“I was more myself with you during those three days than I’ve ever been with anyone in my life. It’d be easier if I could be fake with you, but you bring out everything in me, little Ann. All of it.” 

“You showed your colors!” I said. “Did not.” He pushed himself up and we both stood. “You totally let ’em out, brah,” Blake told him with a grin. “Shut up.”

“You run to me… To you… I swear it.” “Let me see you again… Let me undress you…”

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars 


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