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I was sitting here sifting through my comments, most of which are spam, when I see that the lovely destinimia has been wonderful enough to gift to me The Sunshine Award!!!!

I have never won an award for my blog and it makes my heart swell to think that anyone actually takes the time to read my reviews, let alone likes them and wants to give me an award for it.  All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! 

The Rules of the Sunshine Award: 

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::My Awardees::

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Congratulations, you can choose to accept this award or not.

::10 Interesting Facts About Me:: 

1) I love gifs!!! Especially if they have kitties in them!!!!! Like this one… 

2) I have a bachelors in Psychology, a M.Ed. in Counseling & Development CAC, and am currently getting a MA in Human Services: Marriage & Family

3) I absolutely LOVE Audrey Hepburn and have various memorabilia all around my house and car

4) I read 230 books last year!!!

5) I love mexican food, especially green chile chicken enchiladas!!!

6) I’m seriously addicted to coffee!!!

7) My ultimate dream would be to one day open up several homeless shelters that also provide paying work for those residing in them and other philanthropic things (that require money that I’m not sure I’ll ever have!)

8) I pride myself on writing honest reviews! Even if I love the author to death… I’m going to call it how I see it!

9) My Zodiac sign is Virgo – and I am very much an earth sign. I don’t have all of the qualities of Virgo I think I’m far more flexible, open minded, and positive than most of us… but that could just be my personal opinion!

10) I have 5 tattoos and 6 piercings!!! I want two more tattoos.

I’ll leave you with some positivity because I love quotes and affirmations…

Go forth with patience, passion, and purpose!

Review: Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips by Madeleine Urban
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t even know where to begin with this awesomeness!!! In this installment Ty & Zane find themselves stuck on a cruise ship as an out and married couple. As you can imagine this led to some wonderful events.

The case in this one was very interesting and as it went on it was tough to decipher the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

I absolutely loved how far their relationship was able to grow because of the circumstances and the passionate make you sweat hot and steamy sex was definitely a plus!!!

I really should have started this series sooner!!! I must continue on, I cannot put them down!!!

~My Ty~

 photo Ty3.png

 photo Ty4.jpg

 photo Ty5.jpg

 photo Ty2.jpg

~My Zane~

 photo Zane4.jpg

 photo Zane2.jpg

 photo Zane3.jpg

 photo Zane.jpg

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Review: Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones
Sticks & Stones by Madeleine Urban
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I liked the first book a little bit more story wise… but this one was definitely above and beyond when it came to humor.

I loved the progression and the growth in their relationship and that we got to meet Ty’s crazy ass family. Deuce was hilarious and a real cool guy. Grandpa of course with his shovel had me dying laughing. I totally expected Ty’s Mom to be a badass and she did not disappoint. Earl pissed me off at times but even he was a great character.

The best parts were the cat related comments, my personal favorite “meow-mix”. HAHAHA! Of course the shovel and the fight with the garden hose was a great one. Also, Ty & Zane’s stolen moments were really wonderful. That scene in Ty’s old bedroom was on fire!!!!!!

Gosh, I am on to the next one now… I’m really excited to see where this one goes based off of the preview at the back of the book. It should be humorous but also a great chance to see them as more of a couple, I hope.

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Review: My Masters’ Nightmare Season 1, Ep. 7 “Connections”

My Masters’ Nightmare Season 1, Ep. 7 “Connections” by Marita A. Hansen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was so good!!! There is so much going on right now and I’m loving it. I cannot wait for the next episode!

But more importantly lets talk about Alessandro!!!

Prince Albert
And he demonstrated he has a brain as well

 photo dowant.gif

Tap That photo LikeAMapleTree.gif

Fainting photo fainting.gif

So basically…

 photo i-want-him-bad-jess.gif

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Review: Finally Finding Faith

Finally Finding Faith
Finally Finding Faith by Tammy Falkner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The single most important aspect of getting better…

 photo hope.gif

You will definitely have moments where you will have a tear or twelve in your eyes while reading this book. You will also have that warm feeling that surrounds you like a hug whenever you read a Tammy Falkner book. I’m not sure how she does it, but she can write about some of the most depressing and awful things and yet you have never felt better after reading it.

Daniel is a Veteran and has a traumatic and harrowing back story that has led him to New York City at the end of the year with a bucket list and a plan in hand. Faith is the granddaughter of Henry that owns the clock shop. You’ll remember him as being the older gentleman with the wife whose health is failing from previous Reed Brothers books. Faith has her own bumpy history and story of loss.

The difference between Daniel and Faith are in the level of hope each of them has in their situation and their ability to find happiness in life. As they get to know each other and experience the joy of meeting someone new who is attractive and interesting they each find comfort and healing in one another.

I won’t say anything specific or go on as it is a short one and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. I really just loved it. Such a heart wrenching and heart warming read!!!

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